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Product Features

 Scan and Catalog Checks

  • Checks with ID and photo
  • Daily Deposits
  • Fraudulent Items
  • Payday Loan Checks
  • Refused Items
  • Returned Items
  • Utility Checks
  • Foreign Denominated Items  

Scan and Catalog Documents:

  • Licenses/City Stickers
  • Payday Loan Forms
  • Western Union Forms
  • Moneygram Forms
  • Signature Cards
  • Any Document

Search, Retrieve, and Print:

  • A single item by MICR
  • Checks by Maker in under 5 seconds
  • Daily Deposit
  • Documents
  • Refused, Fraudulent, and Returned Items         

Capture Any Document:

  • Document scan module offers the ability to scan and catalog any document up to 8.5 inches wide up to 25 pages per minute.
  • Customizable templates allow you to describe the types of documents you wish to capture

Connect Stores & Partners

  • Enable your stores to share item images and information gathered from Deposits, Refused, Fraudulent, and Returns

  • Share Refused, Fraudulent, and Return information and images with your partners and friends by simply SCANNING THE ITEM.

  • Instantly notifies stores/partner stores of Fraudulent, Refused, and Returned items.

  • Prepare compliance reports from a single location.

Track and Process Returned Items:

  • Scan returned items into a RI library.
  • RI module offers ability for a collections group to process and track returns.

  • Automatically updates and alerts your stores and partners to the RI status

  • Self-maintaining RI system tracks as per your business process


  • Increase your check cashing revenue by reducing the number of fraudulent items accepted
  • Increase teller accountability
  • Increase teller productivity
  • Build an electronic, self-maintaining bad check library to use within your company or share with your partners.
  • Replace your microfilmer


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