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At a Glance is a suite of modularized internet based services providing the following services:
Check Imaging with Check 21
Online Check Image Storage
Customer & Maker Verification
Check Verification
OFAC Search
On-demand Management Reports
Fraud Prevention Features
Centralized Check Approvals

Check Imaging with Check21
The latest version of digiCHECK was designed to capture digitial images of checks that comply with the Fed's Check 21 specification. Once the daily deposit has been scanned, the items are sent electronically to for batching and submission to the bank for processing. Most items clear next day.

Online Check Image Storage
Using digiCHECK or an integrated point-of-sale (POS) system from a Integrated Partner, check and document images are electronically transferred and stored in our secure data center. Accessing these checks can be accomplished instantly using a web browser or programmatically through a customized software application.

Customer & Maker Verification (Directory Assistance)
Use Accurint integrated services from LexisNexis to simplify locating information about your customers and makers. Four standard searches are available: reverse number lookup, person search, company search, and social security number search. Using a common interface, each of the search types use the internet to resolve search criteria with seamlessly integrated capabilities to utilize Accurint services. All search criteria is logged along with the name of the person who performed the search. Built in anti-abuse tools don’t allow the display of information about organizational peers. Searches can be performed using a standard web browser or programmatically by a Integrated Partner through an exposed web service utilizing an XML result set.

Check Verification
Our check verification service, provides online, real-time access to positive and negative account information assisting in the elimination of potential fraud and reduces the likelihood of returning unpaid items. As a low cost way to avoid accepting bad checks, you will answer questions such as: "Does the maker's account exist?" or "Is the account in a closed, NSF or other high-risk status?". This service uses a proprietary network of national databases and bank services. In addition, this service is available in digiCHECK, a web browser,or programmatically by a Integrated Partner

OFAC Search
As part of the U.S. Patriot Act, the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), U.S. Treasury Department, requires that financial institutions must block and report transactions involving suspected international criminals and terrorists appearing on the Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Entities List. OFAC searches on can be performed using a standard web browser or programmatically through an exposed web service utilizing an XML result set. Use OFAC search services to satisfy your OFAC compliance requirements.

Management Reports
Using our digiALERT reporting services, on a daily basis, we email management reports that specify what we collected – from each teller – right down to the deposit totals.

Track and Process Bad Checks
Items may be tagged as returned, fraudulent, or refused. When performing a check search, bad items are clearly displayed. digiCHECK incorporates a return item processing module that scans items directly into a bad check library. Any information entered in digiCHECK is also automatically available on the web. Once on the web, collections department personnel and mangers can change the status of any item from bad to good and back again. Build your own bad check repository!

Centralized Check Approval Process
Supported by digiCHECK as well as in integrated point-of-sale (POS) system from a Integrated Partner, tellers effortlessly scan and transmit check and ID images to that they used to photocopy and fax to a manager for approval. Once uploaded, managers are alerted when there is an item that needs approval and have, at their finger tips, access to range of tools used to identify the maker and the customer. The transmitted images are presented in a web browser with supporting intelligence information a manager needs to make an approval decision such as: maker address and phone number, OFAC search, and a chain wide display of other checks accepted from the maker - with any return information. “I have a hard enough time making out the faxed images of checks and IDs let alone handling the large volume of paper,” said Jon Klein of Barr Management. “Using the Send-For-Approval process in digiCHECK, the teller simply scans the item, answers a few simple questions and right away I see crystal clear images and comments right to my web browser. I have all of the information I need to approve or deny the check – and my decision is recorded. I love this solution!”

Connect Stores and Partners
Compliance officers, managers, and tellers use to instantly search across the entire chain for a single check image or a group of check images. Compliance Reports can be prepared from a single location - even in another state. At the store level, tellers can do a maker search across the entire chain for check image verification as well as endorsement verification. Optionally, business partners may share check images between their companies or specific stores. With very little effort, sharing fraudulent refused, and return items and limited information with your partners by scanning the items is a huge step forward in reducing fraud.

How do you access
Most often a standard web browser, like Microsoft's Internet Explorer is used to access any of the services.  Point-of-Sale (POS) vendors programmatically can modify their software to access any of the services via a common programming interface.  By using web development tools to integrate a POS solution into, there is a seamless, integrated between the software POS and the services.

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