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When digiCHECK first entered the marketplace in 2001, its primary function was simply microfilm replacement in the back office. As more people used the product and requested new features to help them with their daily tasks, digiCHECK evolved into a premier imaging and image retrieval solution used both at the point of sale as well as in the back office.

At its core, digiCHECK simultaneously captures a digital image of the front and back of a check much like a digital camera. These images and along with the MICR are stored in a catalog for later retrieval and on-demand printing. In the event a deposit or check is lost, digiCHECK can reprint these deposits or item for submission to the bank for payment. One of our current digiCHECK users has to date stored more than 5 million check images in their system and has also recovered lost deposit funds in excess of $500,000! Now you ask "Besides reprinting my checks in the event they are lost or for compliance issues what can I do with all these images?" Read on for the answer.

digiCHECK is packed with features such as Maker Tracking tools, Return Item processing, and Check Approval processing, as well as Large Item Log reporting, and ID/Photo capturing.

Maker Tracking tools allow your tellers and clerks to do maker searches across the organization to find checks previously cashed for the maker. Using this information, tellers make better choices on what to cash by comparing check image details and endorsements. In addition, items flagged as Returned, Fraudulent, or Refused also appear during a search in a format that clearly notifies the teller of a potential problem.

Processing Returned Items with digiCHECK is as simple as scanning the bad items into an electronic library. Instantly, all of your stores and trusted partners are alerted to the returned status armed with information to avoid a potential loss. digiCHECK incorporates a process for collection staff to use to manage the item through out its lifecycle.

At the point of transaction, a check needing manager approval may be scanned along with an optional photo ID and webcam photo and instantly, electronically transmitted to centralized website location or to a remote manager's email account for approval processing. Now it's easy to get checks needing approval to a manager who moves between stores. No more copying, faxing, and wasting time. The electronic images are crystal clear with no black smudges.

With digiCHECK, we offer an optional document management module that expands your digiCHECK system to scan and catalog documents such as: social security cards, Western Union documents, government reporting documents, utility bills, etc. By incorporating a sophisticated cataloging feature, digiCHECK easily tags documents with customizable labels to simplify search and retrieval of those documents at a later time.

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