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Coribrand Systems launches new financial services tools web based fraud prevention services updated to handle 3rd party offsite check image storage with web based retrieval, OFAC searches, automated Directory Assistance tools incorporating Accurint services from Lexus/Nexus, and a streamlined centralized check approval process.

Bloomingdale, Illinois—August 22, 2005— Coribrand Systems, Inc. today launched a line of new services and tools designed to facilitate digital check image storage, reduce the risk of fraud, and streamline approval operations specifically for the check cashing and payday advance industry.

• Offsite Check Image Archive – Coribrand enhances by adding the capability to submit check images electronically and programmatically from any point of sale system into the image archive. Collected information is available through the standard web browser based interface and reporting services as well as programmatically accessible from the point of sale system. “Using an offsite check image storage facility significantly reduces the hardware requirements and computer management issues at the store level,” said Michael Jakubiec, Coribrand’s president. “By allowing us to manage your check images, we can reduce the costs associated with managing large amounts of data and substantially reduce the risk of data loss.”

• OFAC Search – Coribrand adds an OFAC search capability to where OFAC searches, as required by the U.S. Patriot Act, can be performed using a standard web browser or programmatically through an exposed web service utilizing an XML result set. Directory Assistance – Coribrand creates a DA search capability to simplify obtaining information about your customers. Four standard searches are available: reverse number lookup, person search, company search, and social security number search. Using a common interface, each of the search types use the internet to resolve search criteria with seamlessly integrated capabilities to utilize Accurint services from Lexus/Nexus. All search criteria is logged along with the name of the person who performed the search. Built in anti-abuse tools don’t allow the display of information about organizational peers. Searches can be performed using a standard web browser or programmatically through an exposed web service utilizing an XML result set.

• Check Approval Process – Coribrand adds functionality to with a new electronic check approval process supported by digiCHECK as well as participating 3rd party point of sale providers. Instead of using a photocopier and fax machine to get check and ID information to a manager for a check approval, the check image and detail can effortlessly be sent electronically to The item is presented in a web browser with supporting information a manager needs to make an approval decision such as: maker address and phone number verification, OFAC search, and a display of other checks accepted from the maker with any return information. “I have a hard enough time making out the faxed images of checks and IDs let alone handling the large volume of paper,” said Jon Klein of Barr Management. “Using the Send-For-Approval process in digiCHECK, the teller simply scans the item, answers the questions designed to help them do their job, and then presses a button to upload the crystal clear images and comments right to my web browser. I have all of the information I need to approve or deny the check – and my decision is recorded. I love this solution!”

Coribrand Systems originally created as an add-on service to the digiCHECK family of microfilm replacement product.  Over time, digiCHECK evolved into a series of fraud prevention tools and management solutions aimed at check cashers and payday advance operators.  With millions and millions of check images under management and a wide range of fraud prevention tools, the service continues to evolve into the best solution for managing checks and getting check information to the tellers that need it.


Michael Jakubiec
Coribrand Systems, Inc.
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